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Hellmut Schumann

since 1828


Books seek companionship and in return give back the wisdom of centuries



Catalogue 602

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Catalogue 603


Special Offers


First edition of the very first printing of the Declaration of Human Rights of universal value and since 2003 listed in the UNESCO Memory of World Cultural Heritage.


Special list of books of the order of St. John. Selection of books pertaining to the "Ordo Fratrum Hospitalis Sancti Joannis Hierosolymitani"


About us


Hans W. Neubauer

In the year 1828, Johann Jakob Siegfried started a bookshop in Zurich. To this he soon added both an antiquarian and a publishing department.

Over one hundred titles were published under his imprint, of special importance the "Sämmtliche radierte Blätter von Salomon Gessner" which appeared in 1835. In 1836 he disposed of the modern bookshop and expanded his antiquarian business, located in the Konstanzerhaus on Oberdorfstrasse.

In 1864, Siegfried's bookstore was taken over by Orell Füssli, the famous Zurich publishers. Their ancestor was Christoph Froschauer. This connection prompted us to adopt Froschauer's portrait with the motto "Habent sua fata libelli" for our company.

Over the decades the antiquarian stock numbered about 350'000 volumes; numerous catalogues were published and distributed to a large clientele.

The business changed hands twice in quick succession. In 1886, it went to  H. Ernst, who in turn sold it to Albert Raustein in 1888.

In 1930 Hellmut Schumann took over the firm, which then renamed Hellmut Schumann vormals Albert Rausteins Schweizerisches Antiquariat. In 1965 H. P. Kraus bought the company. In 2003 Hans W. Neubauer became the new owner of the business which he has been successfully managing since 1970. The "Antiquariat Hellmut Schumann", our present rare books business, was started offering valuable books and manuscripts, incunables, important titles from the history of science, illustrated works, and autographs, catering to an international clientele.


From 1903 to 2003 our bookstore was located on Rämistrasse. Now we are in our own premises on Holzgasse 4 where our customers might meet us by appointment.

Catalogues in the fields of Rare Books and Manuscripts, Helvetica, Science, Literature, etc. have now reached number 603 and in a few years we will celebrate our 200th anniversary.


Book Fairs


June 2024, 14-16

Salon du Livre Rare

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July 2024,  24-27

Melbourne Rare Book Fair

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Canada, Toronto
September 2024 20-22nd

52nd Toronto Antiquarian Book Fair


Hellmut Schumann Antiquariat has an experience of nearly 200 years buying and selling excellent

rare books. We are always looking to buy high quality books, especially first editions and manuscripts, but we are also interested in buying entire collections. If you have any material that might interest us feel free to contact us.

Else you might be interested to receive offers or catalogues [PDF] via e-mail or by mail.

So please let us know what your areas of interest are.

We welcome your inquiries and assure you that your information will

never be sold or given out to anybody

Tel.: +41 44 251 02 72  | Fax: +41 44 252 79 61 | Hans Wilfried Neubauer

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