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AELIANUS, Claudius

Ailianou peri zoon idiotetos biblia 17 [Graece].

De natura animalium libri XVII. Cum animadversionibus Conradi Gessneri, et

Danielis Wilhelmi Trilleri: curante Abrahamo Gronovio, Qui et suas Adnotationes adjecit. 2 vols. With engr. title- and end-vignette, woodcut ornaments. Greek and Latin parallel text throughout. XIV, XXVII, (36), 603, (1); (605)-1128, (86) pp. 4to. Contemporary decorative red morocco, backs gilt in compartments, inner gilt dentelles, triple gilt fillets on border, marbled endpapers, all edges gilt.

London, excudit G. Bowyer, sumptibus Societas ad Litera Romovendas

Institutae, 1744.

CHF 2100.-


First edition of this collection on zoology by Claudius Aelianus (c. 170-235), pontifex of Praeneste, and later Stoic philosopher and teacher of rhetoric at Rome under the Severi. He prefered to write in Greek, and the original text of De Natura Animalium is in that language. The Latin translation was done at a time when Latin seemed a reasonably universal language, and probably was used already by Gesner, Aelian applies the Stoic concept that underlying universal reason exists in all animal creation, to his analysis of human behavior as manifested in different historical characters. "An excellent and sample edition" (Dibdin I, 232). This London edition is based on the first critical edition by Conrad Gesner (1516-1565), and contains

commentaries by D. W. Triller (1694-1775). He includes here for the first time some of Gesner's notes on Aelianus not published in his 1556 edition. Editor was the Dutch physician Abraham Gronovius (1695-1775). At least 20 editions were published between 1744 and 1760, a.o. in Basel (1750) and Tübingen (1768). -A beautifully fresh and crisp wide-margined copy in a full red morocco binding. - Brunet I, 61; Schweiger I, 2.


Die ganze Heilige Schrift Alten und Neuen Testaments

Aus den Grundsprachen treulich wol verteutschet; aufs neue und mit Fleiss übersehen ... und herausgegeben von Johann Caspar Ulrich. 2 vols. With 2 engr. figured frontispieces and 1 large head-piece by Johann Rudolf Holzhalb; inserted are 150 and 100 num. engr. plates by Weigel after Luyken from his "Celebriores Veteris (Novi) Testamenti iconibus" (1712). 8 leaves, 22 pp. "Heilsamer Unterricht", 6 leaves index, 292, 130 pp., 1 leaf, 146 (recte 144) pp.; title, 182, 66, 118 pp., 371 pp.. Folio. Contemp. calf, spines in 6 compartments with 2 labels (some skilful repairs to corners and spine ends, somewhat rubbed).

Zurich, Conrad Orell and Comp., 1755-56.

CHF 2300.-

First edition of the so-called "Ulrich-Bibel", an important new version of the Zurich bible. The editor was pastor at Grossmüster and was close to Pietism. This edition is one of the most carefully edited Bibles and comes with regard to the beauty of the printing close to that of Froschauer's publication. The text is based on the 1667 and 1724 editions; it was revised and adapted to the more wide-spread use of modern high German. Johann Caspar Ulrich (1705-1768) was in charge, under the supervision of the Church Council. In the "Kurze Anzeige" at the beginning, Johann Konrad Nüscheler gives a bibliography of Zurich bibles. Together with Johann Rudolf Ziegler, he was also involed in the text revision. Illustrations were not originally planned, but since many buyers regretted the lack of images as they were used in the Froschauer bibles, so the publisher offered illustrations separately for sale, which are often different to those in this present copy. The two pompous frontispieces by J. H. Holzhalb and the large head-piece to the dedication are original parts of the edition. In addition, this copy is embellished with the engravings of Christian Weigel after Jan and Caspar Luyken, originally published at Nuremberg as a plate work, mounted and inserted. Each plate bears a four-line Latin and German epigram by the poet Samuel Faber (1657-1716) beneath the image. - Lacking Weigel's engr. title and plate 37 in the Old Testament, and plates 101-108 in the New Testament. - Old name on flyleaf in vol. II, occasional light browning or foxing, some thumbing in margins, on the whole a very nice set.

Lüthi, Bibel in der Schweiz, 15 (2 incomplete copies); Mezger 258f. (in detail);

Bibelsammlung Würt. LB, E 1475; Leemann-van Elck, Buchschmuck der

Zürcher Bibeln, 100f.; the same, Bibelsammlung im Grossmünster, 36; not in


BLUNTSCHLI, Hans Heinrich

Memorabilia Tigurina, oder Merkwürdigkeiten der Stadt und Landschaft Zürich.


Third augmented edition, ed. By Johann Balthasar Bullinger. Engr. frontispiece "Memorabilia Urbis et Agri Tigurini" with a small view of Zurich, 1 folding map (c. 415 x 370 mm) engr. by Johann Heinrich Freytag after J. J. Scheuchzer and H. C. Gyger, and 39 small engr. views by Johann Melchior Füssli, originally mounted on blank pages. 4 unn. leaves (incl. frontispiece), 713 pp. Small 4to. 19th-century half cloth.

Zurich, Heidegger & Compagnie, 1742.

                                                                                   CHF 1750.-


Most comprehensive edition of the best-known history of mainly town and canton of Zurich with many views. Entries are found about villages, buildings, historical events, battles, government offices, weather conditions, etc. arranged in alphabetical order. Hans Heinrich Bluntschli's (1656-1722) work is present here in its enlarged third edition, edited and continued up to the 18th century by Johann Balthasar Bullinger (1690-1764), and the first one depicting all 40 views by Johann Melchior Füssli (1677-1736). These engravings are mounted on blank paper and inserted in alphabetical order: Besides the views of Zurich, there are depictions of Andelfingen, Bülach, Kappel, Embrach, Eglisau, Greifensee, Grüningen, Küsnacht, Kyburg, Regensberg, Stein am Rhein, Weinfelden, Winterthur, a.o. - Small stamp on frontispiece verso, some foxing throughout, on the whole a good copy.


Haller I, 763 and 352; Lonchamp 350; Weiss, Die politische Erziehung im alten Zürich (1940), 125; Feller/Bonjour 434; Achtnich/Staudenmann, Schweizer Ansichten ... 1477-1786 (1978), p. 125, no. 5; Studer, Geschichte der physischen Geographie der Schweiz (1863), 207.


Versuch einer Beschreibung historischer und natürlicher Merkwürdigkeiten  der Landschaft Basel.


23 parts in 6 vols. With 7 engr., fold. maps (of which 6 are colored or in outline coloring), 54 mostly fold. town views and 52 of 59 (of which 49 are fold., and 1 colored. map of Augst) plates showing antiquities, petrefacts, a salmon, and a Roman inscription, all of them engraved by Chovin, Dublon and Holzhalb after drawings by Emanuel Büchel, as well as many woodcut illustrations in the text. Together 3077, (15) pp. 8vo. Contemp. half calf with each 2 spine labels, gilt (stamps on half-titles).

Basel, Emanuel Thurneysen, 1748-1763 (-1764).

                                                                                   CHF 11200.-



(Added:) Lutz, Markus. Neue Merkwürdigkeiten der Landschaft Basel, oder Fragmente zur Geschichte, Topographie, Statistik und Kultur dieses schweizerischen Freystandes. 3 vols. 8vo. Contemporary half calf with each 2 spine labels, gilt, Basel, Schweighauser, 1805-1816.


Ad I: First edition (vol. 1 in 2nd ed. dated 1764). A very nice copy of a richly illustrated work on topography, history, genealogy, archeology, botany, zoology and mineralogy of the Basel region. The engravings are present here in sharp and clear impressions and show views of villages, cities and landscape sceneries, castles, antiquities, etc.- Nice copy.- Barth 19683; Lonchamp 465; Haller I, 841.-

Ad II: First edition. M. Lutz (1772-1835) was pastor in Läufelfingen. - Barth 19688.

ERASMUS, Desiderius

Herr Erasmus vom Roterdam verteutschte ausslegung über disen spruch Christi vnsers Herrn Matthei am dreyundzweintzigsten Capittel vonn den Phariseyern.


Sie thun alle jre werck  das sie von den menschen gesehen werden Vnd breyten jr gebottzeden auss. Vom heyltumb c.. Full woodcut historiated title-border and typographic title. 3 ff. Sm.-4to. 19th century morocco (Hans Asper, Geneva). From the library of Gaspard Ernest Stroehlin (1844-1907), a Swiss minister and professor at the University of Geneva, with his bookplate "Mente Libera" showing Calvin preaching, with the St. Pierre Cathedral in Geneva in the background.

(Mainz, Johann Schöffer), 1521.                        

                                                                                   CHF 4500.-


First edition. In addition to the Greek and Latin writings of Erasmus' (1467-1536) we know a small number in German language. The humanist's paraphrases of the Evangelists were greeted with immediate popularity, and received numerous reprintings. The seven woes to the Scribes and Pharisees in Matthew 23 are a list of critical words by Jesus against the religious leaders as hypocrisy and perjury. Because of Erasmus' critique of the Roman Catholic Church in the first edition of the Index Librorum Prohibitorum (1564) his writings were more severely condemned than the works of Luther or Calvin. - A nice copy of a rare booklet, seldom found in a library outside Germany.


VD 16 E 3123; Vander Haegen I, 149 (assigns this edition as the first one and printed by Johann Schöffer in Mainz); Bezzel 1239; not in Pegg




ISTRUZIONI sopra gli obblighi piu principali de' caualieri di Malta.


Opera d'uno di essi della... lingua di Francia (ed. by F.A.Pouget) tradotta del Francese... With a dedication to Emanuel Pinto da Fonseca by G.B. Alessandri. Title with woodcut coat of arms, 1 full-page engraving with coat of arms of the Order, head- and endpieces and initials in woodcut. (6) ff., IX pp., 1 leaf, 149 pp., (1) p. 4to. Contemporary vellum.

Malta, Niccolo Capaci for nel Palazzo, e Stamperia di S.A.S, 1758.

                                                                                   CHF  2250.-


First edition in Italian. A French version of instructions on the main duties of the Knights of Malta appeared already in 1713. Manuel Pinto da Fonseca (1661-1773) was the 68th Grand Master of the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem from 1741 until his death. In 1764 he negotiated with King Frederich II (the Great) of Prussia a re-unification of the Protestant Bailiwick of Brandenburg. But as Pope Clement XIII would not allow admission into a Roman Catholic organization of men viewed as heretics by the Church, the agreement came to naught. Pinto undertook many buildings projects, introducing the Baroque style throughout Malta. This is one of the earliest books printed by N. Capaci at his new press, the Sicilian typographer began to work in June 1756 at the Palace of the Grand Master, the dedicatee of the present work, Emmanuele Pinto.- A nice and rare copy. - Not in British Library; cf. Hellwald, p. 231; cf. Cavagna, Anna. La tipographica professione di Niccolo Capaci. Milan, 2005


KOENIG, Franz Niklaus


Nouvelle collection de costumes suisses des XXII cantons d'après les dessins de F. Koenig, Lory, et d'autres.


Neue Sammlung von Schweizertrachten aus den XXII Cantonen. With 60 orig. handcolored costume plates with their silk papers. 223 pp. incl.

French and German title-page. 12mo (130 x 90 mm). Contemporary green boards, back gilt (joints slightly rubbed).

Zürich, Orell, Füssli and Comp., (c. 1818).                                   

                                                                                   CHF 1500.-


A nice and clean copy of a famous collection of Swiss costume engravings in their orig. handcoloring known as "der kleine Trachtenkönig". These plates with their delicate figures appeared first in chronological order in the 'Helvetischen Almanach', which Orell, Füssli and Compagnie published. Later they were used in the present edition on larger paper. Each of the 60 color plates depict a single person in the typical clothing of a valley of a larger regionof Switzerland. Since apparently no picture was available of a Geneva costume this canton is not represented. The accompanying text is both German and French. Lonchamp 674; Colas 1654; cf. Lipperheide Ga 25 (1811 ee. with only 50 plates).


MATTIOLI, Pietro Andrea and Bernhard VERZASCHA


Neu Vollkommenes Kräuter-Buch Von allerhand Gewächsen der Bäumen, Stauden und Kräutern, die in Teutschland, Italien, Franckreich, und in andern Orten der Welt herfür kommen. ... Erstlich An das Tagliecht gegeben von ... Petro Andrea Matthiolo. Darauff Mit vielen schönen Figuren...zum Vierten mal...aussgefertigt, durch ... Joachimum Camerarium,... jetzund aber Als ein neues Werck... verbessert und vermehret von Bernhard Verzascha. Title printed in red and black, with engr. frontispiece- portrait (B. Verzasca), by B. Kilian and more than 1000 text woodcuts. 4 unn. leaves, 792 (= 790) num. pp., 36 unn. leaves index. Folio (340 x 220 mm). Early 20th century vellum.

Basel, Johann Jacob Decker, 1678.  

                                                                                   CHF 1800.-


This famous herbal by Mattioli (1501-1577) and Camerarius (1500-1574), is present here in a new and revised variant "A" edition ed. By Bernhard Verzasca (1628-1680), who was the personal physician to the bishop of Basel and the margrave of Baden. Included in this work are extensive tracts on tobacco, coffee, tea, etc. Illustrated mostly with the famous woodcuts by Mattioli, but there are some woodcut illustrations by Conrad Gesner (1516-1565), which are printed here for the first time. An extensive index at the end lists plant names in

German, Greek, Latin, French, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, and English. - Copies are known with an additional engraved title-page. A few lower margins at the end underlaid, only some light brownings as usual, otherwise fresh and complete.

VD17 23:294577K; Nissen, BBI, 1311; Pritzel 5990; Schmid, Ueber alte Kräuterbücher (1939), 57-58 and 60; Heilmann, Kräuterbücher in Bild und Geschichte (1964), 252; Schnyder-von Waldkirch, Wie Europa den Kaffee entdeckte (1988), 223; Paisey M 499; cf. Lonchamp 3096. Not in Bircher/Bürger.


MURER, Christoph. XL.


EMBLEMATA miscella nova.

Das ist: XL. Vnderschiedliche Ausserlesene Newradierte Kunststuck ... mit allerley darzu dienstlichen aufferbawlichen Reymen erkläret: Durch Johann Heinrich Rordorffen. With 40 numb., nearly full-page emblematic engravings by Christoph Murer. 6 lines rhymed text below the engravings. 6 unn. pp., 40 leaves. 4to (228 x 170 mm). Contemp. marbled boards (rebacked).

Zurich, Johann Rudolff Wolff, 1622 (for Orell Füssli, 1820),

                                                                                   CHF  1500.-


Christoph Murer (1558-1614) was one of the most important figures among the artists in Zurich. These engravings are well- done compared to the sometimes low or mediocre standards of emblem books. This important series of pictures proves the full fillment of Murer's development, that was influenced by Dutch art. This series of XL Emblemata was first published in 1622. The copper plates remained intact and were in possession of the company Orell Füssli, who made this present new edition in 1820.- Slightly foxed.


Lonchamp 2531; Leemann-van Elck, Die zürcherische Buchillustration, p. 89 & 96; Vignau-Wilby, "LX. Emblemata Miscella Nova" (1982).




Idea principis Christiano-Politici 101 sijmbolis (sic) expressa.


Engraved title, and 103 engraved emblems. (12) leaves, 831 pp., 2 leaves. 12mo. Contemp. vellum.

Amsterdam, Jan Schipper, 1659.                                   

CHF     720.-


A nice copy of a work in which maxims of state policy are conveyed through the media of picture, motto, and commentary, in emblem-book style. Praz calls this work "a most remarkable treatise of political devices". The author (1584-1648) was a Spanish statesman and wrote the book for Infante Baltasar, son of Philip IV of Spain. The ideas in the book reveal a Christian and humanist spirit and contrast with Machiavellian maxims of statecraft. The book was very popular, and was translated into many languages. This is the 6th Latin edition.

Palau 283483; Praz, p. 484.


SCHEUCHZER, Johann Jacob.


Natur- Historie des Schweizerlandes. Erster Theil. Welcher enthaltet die Beschreibung der Elementen, Grenzen und Bergen...Zweyter Theil. Welcher enthaltet die Beschreibung der Seen, Flüssen, Brünnen, warmen und kalten Bäderen und anderen Mineral- Wassern...Dritter Theil. Welcher enthaltet die Beschreibung der Luft- Geschichten, Steinen, Metallen, und andern Mineralien des Schweitzerlandes, absonderlich auch der Ueberbleibseln der Sündfluth. Zweyte und verbesserte Ausgabe. 3 parts in 1 vol.. Title-pages printed in red and black. With engr. frontispiece in part 1, woodcut title-vignette (repeated) and 32 engravings (of

which 25 are foldings, 1 with a over-slip) including views, town plans and maps by Joh. Meyer, Joh. Melchior Füssli, and J. G. Seiller. (4), 268 pp., (4) leaves; (16), 480, (6) pp.; (16), 336 pp.. 4to. Contemp. half calf, gilt lettering on spine. Engraved bookplate Joh. Kaspar Weyss, owner's entry Hermann Werdmüller Elgg on inner from cover.

Zurich, Heidegger and Comp., 1752.

CHF 8800.-


The first edition was published in 1716-18. This present second edition of J. J. Scheuchzer's (1672-1733) scientific description of Switzerland is greatly enlarged and much rarer. The plates are mainly views and maps, although there are also plates of geological profiles and samples, scientific equipment and regional flora and fauna. From 1702 until 1711 Scheuchzer undertook yearly expeditions, accompanied by friends and pupils. He was the first to systematically explore the Alps, and became a pioneer in the fields of geology, palaeontology and glaziology. The work offers historical details, and together with Tschudi's chronicle it became one of the main sources for Schiller's "Wilhelm Tell". - A few tears in the folds of some maps and plates repaired. Otherwise a fine and clean copy. - Nissen, ZBI 3655; Haller I, 1047;

Barth 17218.


(ZURLAUBEN, Beat Fidel Anton
and Jean-Benjamin de LA BORDE).


Tableaux topographiques, pittoresques, physiques, historiques, moraux, politiques, littéraires, de la Suisse (vol. I); (and:) Tableaux de la Suisse ou voyage pittoresque fait dans les treize cantons et états alliés du Corps hélvetique; (followed by) Table analytique et raisonnée des Tableaux de la Suisse ... par (F.A.) Quétant (vol. II); Tableaux de la Suisse, ou Voyage pittoresque fait dans les treize cantons et états alliés du Corps Helvétique (vol. 3: plates). With frontispiece after Moreau le jeune engr. by Née, engr. title with view by Née, and 430 copper engravings numbered 1-278. Large folio. 19th century red morocco, spines with gilt lettering, gilt borders on covers, gilt inner dentelles, t.e.g., signed Koehler on spine of vol. I (somewhat rubbed, a few spots). Exlibris Christopher Tynor, Stoke Rochford Library, Lincolnshire.

Paris, Clousier, Lamy, 1780-88.                                                                

                                                                                   CHF 32000.-


First edition. A nice copy of this precious and classic work on Switzerland, with fine views drawn by Bertaux, Besson, Brandoin, Châtelet, S.H. Grimm, Le Barbier, Pérignon, a.o., and engraved by Née, Niquet, Alix, de Longueil, Dequevauviller, Droyer, Borguet, Masquelier, Choffard, Aveline, a.o. Many leaves have two or more engravings, the numbering is sometimes repeated, sometimes there are several numbers on one leaf. There are 7 double-page maps (included in the numbering) by Clermont, one after Daniel Bruckner, one a view after B. A. Dunker. The plate volume has, on half-title verso, the portrait-medallions of Zurlauben and Laborde (no. 278 in the plate index). The majority of plates show picturesque views of the most famous places in Switzerland, some show historical events, portraits of eminent citizens, coins and seals, etc. Zurlauben (1720-1799) published the first volume anonymously making it seem is if it was Laborde's work. The second volume with a slightly different title bears Zurlauben's name. His monumental work offers a wealth of facts about Switzerland, and is a testimony to his vast erudition. He cites sources and writes with ease, but with a serious approach which earned him the esteem of fellow scholars at home and abroad. The work is dedicated to the count of Artois, Colonel-General of Switzerland.


Cohen/de Ricci 1075; Lewine 581; Lonchamp 3362; Haller I, 235; Wäber 38; Reynaud 573; Fürstenberg 46, 101, 110, 151; Feller/Bonjour 505f.; Brunet V, 1546; Barth 17338.

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